Finance Tenders Opens New Office in Manchester

Published1st February 2017 AuthorJohn Hudson

Finance Tenders Opens New Office in Manchester

Youthful, diverse, energetic and bursting with character; Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK right now with a progressive vision to be a city that delivers surprise and delight in equal measures – so where better to execute our expansion plans?

As we continue to grow at an exceptional rate, our prospects and opportunities are endless. With plans to expand overseas into Australia and America, the team are bursting with pride as their efforts and hard work are ensuring our vision appears fully into focus.

“The expansion into Manchester was pretty inevitable for us. We have established such a big client base there and we need to ensure they are serviced efficiently and to full potential” said Growth Director, Jill Hudson. “Manchester is a prime central hub for business, innovation and technology so where better to decide to make our second of many future office developments”

The opening comes on the cusp of the launch of seven brand new platforms for our firm and, as we enjoy our successes, we know there is a sizeable amount of continued hard work to follow. Our business model is not showing any signs of slowing down in terms of development as we adapt and advance in terms of client wants and needs from our services and offerings.

CEO John Hudson added, “With the success of our current platforms, we couldn’t be more confident that our offerings are fundamental for growth and business prospects for the sectors we are currently working within. Our movement into Manchester reflects this as we move into further markets and continue to naturally progress forward with our exceptional team and consistent pioneering hard work”.

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