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We take the headache out of sourcing new financial tenders and business opportunities

We source financial sector tenders on a daily basis from hundreds of buyers, across the UK.

Our goal is to save you both time and money when manually searching for new business opportunities.

Our clients receive daily alerts when tenders are released for services in their sector, as well as 24hr access to our Finance Tenders portal.

What is Finance Tenders?

Time-saving tool

Finance Tenders is a time-saving tool. Instead of spending hours searching for new business opportunities, we bring them straight to you.

No CPV codes

We don’t rely on CPV codes at Finance Tenders. Instead, our team of Opportunity Trackers manually search hundreds of sources and manually upload each tender to our portal.


Your time is precious! Don’t waste it wading through irrelevant tenders. All of the opportunities on the portal have been hand-picked for financial sector businesses.


Hudson Discover consists of 11, sector-specific tendering portals, dedicated to helping suppliers source new opportunities and buyers find new suppliers.

This platform will revolutionise the way in which organisations conduct business with one another around the globe. Let us help you both buy AND supply simultaneously with our portals.

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We source opportunities to bid for tax, accountancy, insurance tenders, investment, payroll tenders, treasury management, audit tenders and VAT, to name a few.

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Need help with writing a bid?

Our team at our sister company, Hudson Succeed, have been writing and winning tenders for over 60 years.

They proudly hold an 87% bid success rate and vast experience in the financial industry.

Hudson presents Finance Tenders

A solution for identifying applicable tender opportunities, all in one place. A crucial business development resource, this tool will help you identify opportunities to develop your business, whether you’re a frequent tenderer or branching out for the first time.

The scope can vary from buyer to buyer, from simple direct payments to a full payroll service and pension enrolment scheme. The scope of buyers and budgets means there are opportunities for a variety of companies of different sizes, from £2.5 million-pound processing services to smaller, integrated tenders in five figures. Buyers come far and wide from across the financial sector, ranging from public sector bodies such as local councils to private sector opportunities for the likes of academy trusts.

During 2020, we developed a new tendering strategy to ensure that private buyers are using Finance Tenders to find accountancy firms to bid for their payroll and management projects. This focused project allows busy business owners to utilise our Discover platforms to obtain competitive quotes and to find trusted providers who are looking to take on new clients.


Finance Tenders has been established to source sector-specific tenders on a daily basis from hundreds of buyers across the public and private sectors, from councils and schools to hospitals and private companies. Our goal is to save you both time and money, through manually searching for new business opportunities on your behalf.

Here at Hudson, we opt to utilise people – not algorithms or CPV codes, but manual processing, minimising electronic errors in this area. Not only does this eliminate the upload of needless, irrelevant information, but it also ensures opportunities remain specific to your sector. Indeed, research as part of our Hudson Discover department has identified that in many cases, CPV codes can be completely wrong – by up to a worrying 26%.

Those who sign up to Finance Tenders will receive direct, daily alerts when relevant financial service tenders are released, via an email bulletin sent to a contact (or contacts) of your choice, meaning you can analyse an opportunity without even needing to sign in – saving you time and effort.

This is all made possible by our in-house team of Opportunity Trackers, all of whom scour various sources across the internet to identify the best possible opportunities for your business, which are then uploaded manually to our portal.

These are then evaluated, with the appropriate keywords assigned (e.g. audit, payroll, insurance, etc) to ensure that when you come to search, you don’t have to comb through endless, irrelevant contracts.

Opportunity tracking never was so easy, efficient and tailored.

As is typical with most public sector contracts, opportunities are subject to a legal framework, in the interests of promoting fair, transparent competition and value for money. Contract opportunities can come in the form of:

– Standard, direct, winner-takes-all contracts, in which one supplier will be appointed to deliver the specification.
– Framework agreements, in which multiple approved suppliers are utilised, often on an ad-hoc, call-off basis.
– Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS’), with extended deadlines so you can apply at any time, with workstreams following similar to that of framework agreements.

Regardless of its form, opportunities can substantially increase turnover and profits, allowing your business to develop further.


With so many tendering opportunities in the sector currently, the hardest part is choosing the right opportunities for your business.

If you need any advice, we also have our Hudson Helpline.

We appreciate that any tender, especially to newcomers, can be difficult to comprehend as they require very technical responses, often discussing areas of your business or approaches you can take subconsciously.

Whatever level of support you may require, from answering simple FAQs via our Hudson Helpline – free of charge – to our Tender Mentor guide and review service, Hudson Succeed can assist to ensure a winning submission. If you are struggling to find the time or resources in-house, why not outsource your tender writing today?

Our team at Hudson Succeed are a group of exceptional, professional Bid Writers who assist businesses from multiple sectors to write compelling, technical narrative.

You can book a free, live demo today to access our exclusive member’s site. View relevant tender opportunities by filtering keywords, budgets, sectors and locations to gain further insight into how we can benefit your company. With new opportunities uploaded daily, we know that by subscribing to Finance Tenders, we can grow your business together.

Simply call or email us to arrange your free, live demo.

There has never been a better time for your business to start winning finance tenders – if you’re an accounting firm, insurance company, or deliver other financial services, Finance Tenders is the one-stop-shop solution for you.