Published3rd April 2018 AuthorJohn Hudson


For those of us living and working in the UK, the new tax year is impending.

Friday 6th April will see the beginning of the financial year and the operative time to take measures in order to further grow your business.

The idea of a fresh start is appealing to us all at one time or another, especially if you are finding yourself in a cycle of repetitive idea generation and lacklustre results.

‘The start of the tax year is the perfect time to re-evaluate and set new goals for your business.’ – Rebecca Morland, Account Manager.

As experts in the tendering field, we expect to see an influx of tender opportunities as buyers and suppliers alike look to harvest higher returns on investment than the previous year.

‘Seeking and delivering on new opportunities will not only achieve financial business growth but also keep your employees motivated’ – Jill Hudson, Growth Director.

Maybe you already maintain a tendering strategy, perhaps you have only ever considered the idea, or maybe the very thought of completing the process yourself induces a ‘nails on a chalkboard’ type of reaction.

We know one thing is for sure – we can help!

Our platforms provide you with a range of bespoke opportunities that are sourced from procurement experts on a daily basis, meaning you don’t have to go out and find your contract opportunities – just receive them daily via your inbox!

We see a lot of people join our platforms this time of year, with the hopes of impending succession from the outset. It’s important to remember that although you have all the opportunities at your grasp, delivering on these opportunities can be quite a hard task!

This is where Tender Consultants steps in.

From simply editing and finalising your already accomplished bid to completely alleviating the potentially stressful road to bidding, our Tender Consultants platform is a useful resource when it comes to developing your business in 2018.

June 2018 will see the launch of the highly anticipated Tender VLE. For the budding bid writers amongst us, Tender VLE will act as your personal mentor throughout the tendering process – and it’s completely free!

We know that you are busy within your respected sectors, that’s why this platform will be entirely video-led, with no bidding-related stone unturned.

Finance Tenders offers daily notifications of the most up-to-date business/tender opportunities across the UK. This is filtered and broken down into the following sub-sectors:

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