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Find a selection of finance tenders that we have previously had on the system.

This will give you a better idea of the tenders that we source and allow you to analyse the benefits that our portal can have on your business.

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What makes Finance Tenders different?

Finance Tenders is one of the ten sector-specific tendering portals powered by Hudson Discover.

Hudson Discover was created by the Hudson Group. The portals were developed as time-saving tools to help businesses save valuable time that was previously consumed with searching for new business opportunities.

The portal was developed to specifically help businesses in the finance sector to grow. We do this by searching thousands of sites daily to find new finance tenders for our clients.

While other tendering portals rely on algorithms and CPV codes to collect their data, we use people. We believe that a human touch is the most effective way of ensuring quality.

Our team of Opportunity Trackers manually search for and upload new finance tenders every day. This includes:

  • insurance tenders,
  • tax,
  • accountancy
  • and treasury management opportunities to name a few.

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How to win Finance Tenders

Winning finance tenders requires numerous skills including:

  • Attention to detail
  • Thorough research skills
  • The ability to read and digest vast amounts of information
  • Exceptional written communication

Luckily, our team at Hudson Succeed are prolific writers who possess all of the required skills to win tenders.

Hudson Succeed is our sister company. The team work with clients in a variety of sectors and with a range of experience. They support businesses of all sizes including large companies and SMEs.

The team consists of Bid Writers, Bid Coordinators and Bid Managers. They proudly hold an 87% bid success rate and they are trusted by over 700 businesses globally.

Hudson Succeed offers five dedicated services to help you win. These services include:

Tender Writing

This service is perfect for businesses who require ad-hoc support when it comes to tendering. The team will work with your business to extract all the information necessary to formulate the tender response. From here, the consultants will ask and manage clarification questions, write the quality responses and submit the bid on your behalf.

Tender Ready

The Tender Ready programme was created for businesses who are new to tendering or need support with creating their documentation. During the programme, the consultants will help your business to prepare for tendering. This includes completing the steps on the Tender Ready checklist that will ensure your business is in an advantageous position to begin tendering for work.

Tender Mentor

This is the guide and review service. The consultants will guide you through a bid and review the quality responses that you produce. This will ensure that you submit an impressive bid and lower the risk of losing marks due to minor errors.

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